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Wheelchair/Adaptive Tennis

Wheelchair Tennis is one of the fastest growing and most challenging of all wheelchair sports. To meet this demand, USA Tennis offers programs geared towards the wheelchair player. Rules are the same as stand-up tennis, except the wheelchair player is allowed two bounces  of the ball. Wheelchair tennis provides persons with disabilities the opportunity to share in activities with their peers and family, whether able-bodied or disabled. Playing wheelchair tennis adds to socialization and the normalization of life after sustaining a disabling injury. Proficient wheelchair users can play and actively compete against stand-up players. A wheelchair tennis player must have a medically diagnosed, mobility-related disability, with a substantial or total loss of function in one or more extremities. In wheelchair tennis, the player must master the game and the wheelchair. Learning mobility on the court is exciting and challenging, and helps build strength and cardiovascular ability.

The Southeast Michigan District has four tennis wheelchairs available for short term loans to those in need.
Please call the District Office for availability (734) 421-1025.