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In 2014, The USTA in collaboration with the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) and United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) introduced an on-line Youth Tennis Training Module, which serves as the starting point to become a certified Teaching Professional - as those coaches who successfully complete the program will be ready to be tested and certified by either the PTR or the USTPTA (the two tennis teaching certification organizations in the US).  There are six on-line courses, and each course takes between 30 and 40 minutes.  One feature of the program is that you can stop a course at any time, come back later, and begin the course where you left off and then complete it.  All on-line courses are free of charge, and you will receive a certificate of completion after each course.

If you are already PTR or USPTA certified, these workshops bring you a dynamic and exciting way to better your 10 and Under tennis-teaching skills, and are also recognized by the PTR and USPTA as a course to complete each organization’s annual continuing education requirements.

USTA Coach Youth Tennis OnLine Training Module

Once the on-line courses have been completed, you are invited to attend one of the many face-to-face 3 hour on-court workshops being scheduled across the country.  It is highly recommended that the 10 and Under on-court workshop be completed after the completion of online Course 4; however, the 10 and Under on-court workshop can be taken at any time.   You must pre-register for an on-court workshop (cost is $15), and bring a signed waiver to take part in any on-court activities.  Participants will receive a 10 and Under on-court workshop manual as well as a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop.

USTA On-Court Workshop Schedule and Registration

The three stages to coaching youth tennis:
Stage 1: Play Supervisor Course (introductory course) - Stage 1 and Stage 2 are both pre-requisites for Stage 3
Stage 2: 5 online courses plus an on-court workshop  - Stage 1 and Stage 2 are both pre-requisites for Stage 3
Stage 3: PTR and/or USPTA certification

In order to be eligible for USPTA/PTR certification, you must complete all 6 courses, plus the face-to-face workshop. However, if you wish only to complete Stage 1*, the Player Supervisor Course, you will not be eligible for certification.

For further information on USPTA and PTR certification, please refer to their websites:

www.ptrtennis.org      www.uspta.com