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Location: Palmer Park
Salary: $12-$15 per hour, based on experience
Schedule: Hourly independent contractor, 15-20 hours per week from May to September, including some evenings and weekends.

Ideal Start Date: May 1st
Focus: Recreation and Tennis Academy Administrator

Organizational Description:

People For Palmer Park (PFPP) is a Michigan nonprofit and 501(c)(3) organization committed to the preservation, recreation and revitalization of Palmer Park, a 296 acre park in the Woodward – Six/Seven Mile area of Detroit. Our vision is to create an urban oasis, regional destination, and daily recreation site that will promote an active and healthy community. Our guiding values include preservation of park resources; restoration and preservation of the park’s history; equal benefit and access to the park; creation of a safe park environment; responsiveness to park users and the community; timeliness in our actions; and collaboration and cooperation with the city, community, and stakeholders.

PFPP is seeking to hire an independent contractor to fulfill the role of  a Recreational – Tennis Academy Administrative Assistant (RTAA). This RTAA will provide assistance primarily to the Palmer Park Tennis Academy (PP Tennis Academy), and secondarily to the PFPP Recreational Programming, both as more fully described below.  In general, the RTAA will assist with the coordination and management of PP Tennis Academy handling all administrative aspects of the tennis program, and will assist with other recreational activities that are provided by the PFPP.  There would be an emphasis on assistance with the tennis program, with other recreational activities being coordinated and managed as needed.  The position is part-time position for approximately15- 20 hours per week, and will be a seasonal position to begin in May and go through September 2019. Hourly rate of pay will be negotiable depending on the experience of the candidate.


Specific Responsibilities: PP Tennis Academy & Recreational Programming


  • Develop a list of area elementary schools to include, but not be limited to Gesu, Palmer Park Academy, Thurgood Marshall Academy, Martin Luther King Academy; identify contact persons at those schools for outreach purposes. Work with the PFPP Marketing Committee Chair to develop a flyer for outreach for the tennis program. Arrange through the schools during the month of May to have those flyers included in the backpacks of children ages 5-14, who are eligible for the tennis program.


  • Responsible for registration process, both online and direct registration during spring for summer programs; and in late summer for the fall programming.


  • Develop a list of all students enrolled in the tennis academy. Work with the Tennis Director to develop a list of class times, dates and coordinate the students who will be enrolled in each class time, date and slots. To the extent feasible, in the first few weeks, take attendance at the tennis lessons so as to ascertain if the class sizes, coaching ratios and other issues are adequately addressed. Work with the Tennis Director to make any adjustments to the class sizes, or coaching schedules. Create and maintains filing system for registration forms and other documentation, both physical and computer files


  • Responsible for collecting/reconciling monies relative to direct registration and providing those funds to Tennis Director or directly to the PP Board Treasurer and/or Board President when available for further processing. Checks or cash received shall be conveyed within five (5) business days of receipt by the RTAA.


Responsible for arranging and verifying that tennis coaches have background screening documentation to be provided to the PFPP Tennis Director, Recreation Chair and President. Only after an approved background check is provided for a particular coach, provide standard  contract to coaches to be completed and signed prior to the start of the tennis programming.

  • Along with the Tennis Director, develop a schedule and roster of coaches that will be provided to all coaches inclusive of phone numbers and other contact information, and provide same to the  PFPP Recreation Chair and President. .


  • Keeps demographic data on students enrolled in program/classes.



  • Assists with maintaining membership with United States Tennis Association


  • Work with Recreation Chair on schedules for all recreational programming including biking, tai chi, yoga and walking group. Assure that start dates, times and locations are communicated to Marketing Chair for posting on PP website, Facebook and Constant Contact.


  • Attend Recreation Committee Meeting to provide staff support, as needed to all PFPP recreational programming.


  • Work to develop more recreational programming for children in Palmer Park.



Important skills:  Tennis background preferred but not necessary,  grant writing skills, must have efficient computer skills, communication skills, organizational skills, time management skills, dependable, reliable, trustworthy. Ability to work with a diverse group of people and to report to, and work with different supervisors depending on the activity and job duty.




            For the purposes of work on the Palmer Park Tennis Academy, the RTAA will report directly to the Tennis Director, Leonora King.


            For the purpose of working on the Palmer Park Recreational Programming, the RTAA will report directly to the Recreation Chair, Sharon Gamblin.


            For the purposes of financial reporting, the RTAA will report directly to the Palmer Park Treasurer.


            For overall administrative support, and questions or issues about the job duties, the RTAA will seek advice and support from the Palmer Park Board President,  Rochelle Lento.


Please send resume to Leonora King at leonorakng@aol.com and Rosalinda Haskins at

indigo_60@hotmail.com. Please provide resume no later than March 8, 2019