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Points Per Round Ranking System

Points are accrued by a player depending on what round they achieve in any tournament.  The level of the tournament determines the amount of points accrued (referred to as the "weight" of the tournament)  "Byes" do not qualify as wins; however, defaults, retirements, walkovers and withdrawals do (for the advancing player).  Please note that tournaments carry different "weights" at the Section level (i.e. a District Level 4 Tournament is a Midwest Section Level 5 Tournament) and have a different Point Table (see link).


Level 1
Midwest Level 1 (Midwest Closed Indoor and Outdoor)

Level 1A
National Level 1

Level 2
Midwest Level 2
National Level 1A

Level 2A
SEMTA Qualifier & Future Qualifier
Midwest Level 3
National Level 2 and 3

Level 3
Midwest Level 4 and 5

Level 4
SEM Tournaments

Level 5
All other tournaments in Midwest Section

Level 6
N.E.T. Championship Series

SEMTA Jr. Team Tennis District Championships:

Team Events Level 4
Advanced Jr. Team Tennis District Championships

Team Events Level 5
Intermediate Jr. Team Tennis District Championships