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Point Penalty System


The Point Penalty System is a series of penalties designed to deter unsportsmanlike behavior during matches.  The first penalty results in the loss of a point; the second penalty results in the loss of the game in progress, and the third penalty results in a Default of the match in progress.  All penalties result in Suspension Points being issued to the offending player.  Any player who receives 10 or more Suspension Points during a continuous 12-month period shall be suspended for 12 consecutive weeks from competing in any USTA sanctioned event within Southeast Michigan (and possibly beyond).


Southeast Michigan also has:

1) A "No Excuses" policy for tournament play:  Any player who withdraws or does not play a match during a tournmament citing injury, illness or emergency will be issued two (2) suspension points for that withdrawal or walkover.  Retirements after the first point of a match is played are exempt from this penalty.

2) An "Excessive Overrule" policy for tournament play.  Any player who is overruled three (3) times in a match will be penalized according to the Point Penalty System.  The third overrule will constitute a point penalty, fourth overrule will constitute a game penalty, and fifth a match penalty - all resulting in 2 Suspension Points each.

3) Starting with our Jr. Qualifier in May of 2010, the Southeast Michigan Jr. Competition Committee instituted a rule whereby no entrants can be entered into a tournament after the deadline has passed.  Players may still enter tournaments via a phone call or paper entry to the Tournament Director; however, the Tournament Director must have all entrants visible on the TennisLink system (under "competitors") before the online deadline has passed.  This rule also applies to changing age divisions after entries close, but does not apply to Adult or Novice Tournaments or any age division with 3 or fewer entrants at deadline. 

For a complete list of Southeast Michigan Codeable Offenses, please see the link below: