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The Official’s Code of Conduct

A USTA official is expected to maintain high professional standards. Violations of this code may result in decertification or suspension of USTA, directed assignments.

An official shall:

1. Wear the official USTA uniform unless otherwise designated by a tournament contract.

2. Be prompt for all assignments.

3. Not socialize with or become intimate with the players. (Officials are not prohibited from staying in the tournament hotel or from attending social functions where players may be present.)

4. Not accept assignments to any match in which the official has a relationship with one of the players that may be considered a conflict of interest and may cast doubt upon the official’s impartiality. Not only is a bona fide conflict of interest prohibited, but the appearance of a conflict causes the assignment to be unacceptable.

5. Not solicit specific assignments in tournaments.

6. Not accept an assignment at one event and then withdraw from that assignment in favor of another event.

7. Not be interviewed by the media without permission of the Referee or the Referee’s designee.

8. Not publicly criticize other officials.

9. Not bet on anything concerning a tennis event in which the official is involved.

10. Not converse with spectators while on the court.

11. Not request favors or special considerations from a tournament sponsor.

12. Not use title or position to abuse the rules or influence others to do so.

13. Not consume alcoholic beverages or take drugs or medication that will inhibit performance during an assignment or while in uniform.

14. Cooperate with the efforts of officials committees appointed by the National Chairperson.

15. Not take photographs of players while in uniform nor at any time request player autographs.

16. Conduct himself or herself in a professional, ethical manner
When a match is played without officials, The Code shall apply in any situation not covered by the Rules of Tennis. Except where otherwise stated, every reference in the Rules of Tennis to the masculine includes the feminine gender.

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