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2012 Southeast Michigan Adult League District Championship Results

Congratulations to our 2012 Southeast Michigan USTA League Champions! http://national.usta.com In the "Stats & Standings" area, input the team number to bring up the Team Summary page. Scroll to the bottom and you will see the championship level of advancement for the team. Click on the one you would like to review and you will have the standings from that Championship level. (If you see – "Team has not advanced to championships" on the Team Summary, it means that their championship level has not yet been prepared on TennisLink – check back later to see if it has been updated.)


2.5 Women      Sports Club Novi              Michelle Goode                District Champion-unable to attend MW
                          Travis Pte                         &nbs​p;Christine Barnes Advanced to Midwest – 4th place
3.0 Women      Sports Club Novi              Jeanne Lent                        Midwest – 2nd place
3.5 Women      Huron Valley                      Kelly Belcher                      Midwest – 2nd place
4.0 Women      Franklin                    &​nbsp;         Susan Bartelt                     Midwest Champion
                                 &n​bsp;                        &n​bsp;                        &n​bsp;                        &n​bsp;     Nationals Oct 19-21 - Tucson
4.5 Women      Port Huron                         Char Sweeney                   Midwest – 3rd place
5.0 Women      Chippewa                          Kendra Clark                     Midwest Champion
                         ​                         ​                         ​                         ​              Nationals Sep 28-30 – Indian Wells
3.0 Men            Eastside                          ​  Mike Salomeo                   States – 2nd place
3.5 Men            Dearborn                          &nb​sp;Phil Somerville                   Midwest – 5th place
4.0 Men            Chippewa                          Jon​ Bardsley                      Midwest – 3rd place
4.5 Men            Eastside                         ​   Mark Miller                          States – 2nd place
5.0 Men            Chippewa                  ​;        Chris McMican                   Midwest – 3rd place
3.0 Senior Women           SC West Bloomfield         Carol Frankel                      Midwest – 3rd place
3.5 Senior Women           LifeTime                             Sally Blankenship               States – 2nd place
4.0 Senior Women           Farmington                         Wanda Spencer                 Midwest – 5th place
4.5 Senior Women           Huron Valley                       Missy Pollick                       Midwest – 3rd place
3.5 Senior Men                  Wimbledon                        Rick Scavarda                    Midwest – 2nd place
4.0 Senior Men                  Port Huron                         Dan Johnson                       Midwest – 2nd place
4.5 Senior Men                  Lochmoor                          Mark Sobieralski                 Midwest 3rd place
2.5 Mixed                           Eastside                            Julie Henry                           Flight Winner – Advance to Nationals!
                          &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;      Nationals Nov 9-11 - Tucson
6.0 Mixed                           Wimbledon                        Lisa Roddis                         Midwest Champion
                                              ​                         ​                         ​                         ​             Nationals Nov 16-18 - Tucson
7.0 Mixed                           Wimbledon                        Marilyn Zampardo               Midwest – 2nd place
8.0 Mixed                           Bloomfield Open Hunt      Becky Tanguay                    States – 3rd place
9.0 Mixed                           Franklin                              Susan Bartelt                       Midwest – 2nd place
6.0 Super Women             Sports Club Novi              Gayle Zimmerman              Midwest – 3rd place
7.0 Super Women             Farmington                        Judy Vellucci                       States – 2nd place
8.0 Super Women             Huron Valley                      Karen Caine                       Midwest – 3rd place
7.0 Super Men                   Dearborn                           Chuck Glinz                        States – 2nd place
8.0 Super Men                   Wimbledon                        Don Parshall                      Midwest Champion
                                         &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;                Nationals – April 19-21, 2013 Surprise AZ
9.0 Super Men                   Birmingham Athletic Club   Jack McNaughton           Midwest Champion
                                             &​nbsp;                        &​nbsp;                        &​nbsp;                        &​nbsp;            Nationals – April 26-28, 2013 Surprise AZ