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Kaspers' Scholarship Award


On October 30, 1989, the late June and Bert Kaspers (formerly of Southeastern Michigan) created a scholarship fund to provide financial assistance to graduating high school seniors for college tuition and expenses.  The scholarship will be available for 2019 graduates. 

Kaspers Scholarship Requirements:

 1. Applicants must be a member of the United States Tennis Association and legal residents of the USTA/Southeast Michigan District.

 2. Applicants must be completing their senior year in high school, subsequently graduating and scholastically have ranked in the upper 25 percent of their class at the end of the junior year.

 3. Applicants must have demonstrated the highest quality of sportsmanship.

 4. Applicants must have demonstrated leadership qualities through participation in athletics, student government, clubs, or extracurricular activities.

 5. Applicants must be intent on a career objective requiring a minimum four years of college (not professional tennis).

 6. Applicants must be past participants in USTA/Southeast Michigan District play -- distinguishing himself/herself from average high school competition.

 7. Applicants must be intent on pursuing participation in the varsity tennis program in the college to which he/she is bound.

 8. Applicants must complete an essay. Topic: "Why are you the most deserving applicant for this scholarship?"

 9. Candidates chosen must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in order to remain eligible for continued scholarship assistance.

In praising USTA/Southeast Michigan’s junior tennis program, the Kaspers stated: "It gives 
us great pleasure to be able to offer this encouragement to deserving junior players. For 
young people to realize that making sacrifices that most of their peers are not willing to 
make, by devoting hours of practice and training they achieve a level of play that puts them 
above those just bent on having fun, it is a major step in the maturing and development into 
true adulthood. It helps them develop an inner confidence. After achieving a degree of 
excellence in making such sacrifices, our sons, very early in their lives, established values 
and set objectives and goals they hoped to obtain in their lifetimes that some young people 
never get around to setting. For SEMTA's help in the shaping of their character, we shall 
be forever grateful."


Click here to apply for the 2019 Kaspers Scholarship



Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation Scholarships

The Foundation has five scholarships available for high school seniors entering college in the fall.  Here are the available scholarships: Tim & Tom Gullikson (a $2,500 scholarship to one female and one male); Richard Bradley (a $2,500 scholarship to an African American Student); Hooked on Tennis (a $1,000 scholarship to one female and one male); and Rick Van Horn (one $500 scholarship).  High school seniors who reside in the USTA/Midwest Section are encouraged to apply for the scholarships provided they meet the criteria.  The deadline to submit an application is March 1. 
Click here for details and to access the applications.