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2016 Combo District Championships Weekend 1

January 12, 2016 01:46 PM

Congratulations to the winners determined this past weekend at Combo District Championships!   We were besieged with a heavy wintry mix of rain and snow this past weekend, but all of our players made it out safely and on time to compete.  The 6.5 Women, 8.5 Women and 8.5 Men competed this past Sunday, January 10, 2016, at Wimbledon Racquet Club for their District Championships.

Three 8.5 Women’s teams and three 8.5 Men’s teams competed in a round robin to determine the District Champion.  The champions for the 8.5 Women are from Franklin Athletic Club (Captain: Carly Eckert) and the champions for the 8.5 Men are from Beverly Hills Club (Captain: Miles Uhlar). 

Six 6.5 Women’s teams competed on Sunday, with two teams winning their Championship flights.   The two flight winners are from the Sports Club of Novi (Captain: Nguyet Dober) and Eastside Tennis & Fitness (Captain: Marilyn Zampardo).  The District Champion for the 6.5 women will be determined on the second weekend of Combo District Championships, February 13-14 at Eastside Tennis & Fitness.   

Along with the 6.5 Women’s final, the 5.5 Women, 7.5 Women, 6.5 Men and 7.5 Men will compete at Combo District Championships, February 13-14 at Eastside Tennis & Fitness.