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Hoxie Memorial Award

The late Jean and Jerry Hoxie, through their belief in children and a love for the game of tennis, made Hamtramck and Southeast Michigan one of the tennis capitals of the country from the 1940s to the 1960s.  Their demand for excellence was coupled with their desire to teach good sportsmanship.  Together, they developed more National Champions than any other tennis instructors in the history of tennis in the United States.

The Jean and Jerry Hoxie Memorial Award is given to a junior male and female (high school senior) player in Southeast Michigan, who have made a great contribution to the game of tennis through their good sportmanship and their achievements both on and off the tennis court.

The award recipients are selected by the Southeast Michigan Junior Competition Committee.  If you know of an exemplary Junior player deserving of this prestigious award, please submit a nomination by October 20, 2019.  Nominations must include two additional recommendations from a school teacher, counselor, coach, community leader, etc.


      2019 Hoxie Nomination



1973 Julie McClure Glenn Johnson
1974 Debbie Mascarin Peter Osler
1975 Barbara Selden Jack Kaspers
1976 Kathy Milczarski John Freatman
1977 Julie Bookmyer Ihor Debryn
1978 Nicole Lorenzetti  Paul VanWalleghan
1979 Anna VanWalleghem Glennys Merritt
1980 Cathy Brown George Huang
1982 Audrey Solent Dan Bromberg
1983 Mary Smith Craig Schembri
1984 Jennifer Reault Jonathan Morris
1985 Candy Kopetzki David Drew
1986 Kristin Ashare Stephen Herdoiza
1987 Wendy Stross Bryan Morrow
1988 Amy Frazier Steve Campbell
1989 Susan Sommerville Scott Micus
1990 Marija Neubauer Mike Gucciardo
1991 Holly Taylor Jeff Giraldo
1992 Stacie Bowman Danny Friedman
1993 Shannon Byrne Arvid Swan
1994 Tarah Elkins Silas Bouyer III
1995 Jennifer Clack Jim McHugh
1996 Carrie Rose Evan Hays
1997 Diana Ospina Michael Kosta
1998 Susie Hiniker Justin Baker
1999 Stacy Kokx  Peter Voelz
2002 Caitlin O’Keefe Stephen DeGrow
2005 Lindsay Grimmer Patrick Troy
2006 Kari Larson Benjamin Hartman
2007 Rachel Denny Tim Wu
2008 Emily Chiao Michael Basha
2009 Samantha Pinchoff Trey Keating
2010 Kelsey Dieters Joseph Dube
2011 Gabrielle Spindler Andrew Cahn
2012 Alexandra D'Ascenzo Jack Murray
2013 Mollie Fox Maximillian  Fliegner
2014 Sophia Ableson Timothy Wang
2015 Isabella Spindler Franklin Brozovich
2016 Ava Thielman Jack Winkler
2017 Shanoli Kumar Kobie Mueller
2018 Anika Yarlagadda Andrew Zhang