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William F. Beyer Award


The late William F. Beyer was one of the first presidents of the Southeast Michigan District (then known as SEMTA).  He was instrumental in setting the foundation of the District.  His contributions as a volunteer were unsurpassed.  Mr. Beyer was elected President in November of 1946 and served for two years.  He also served on numerous committees including the Junior Development Commiteee (Chairman), Junior Ranking Committee, Junior Davis Cup Committee, Public Parks Committee (Chairman), and Nominating Committee to name a few.

The William F. Beyer Memorial Award is given to an adult individual who is felt to have contributed immeasurably and unselfishly to the game of tennis.
The award recipient is selected by the Southeast Michigan Board of Directors.  If you know of someone worthy of the Beyer Award, please submit your nominations to executivedirector@semich-usta.com by November 30th.
1978 Forrest Hainline Jr.
1979 James Kerwin
1980 Charles Karabell
1981 Eugene W. Lewis III
1982 Wes & Georgina Muthig
1983 Herb Williams
1985 Joe Schembri
1986 John Trump
1987 Anthony Floreno
1988 John Sommerville
1989 John Neville
1990 Lea Eagleson
1991 Tom Gray
1992 Dean Snyder
1993 Jocil Rogus
1994 Jon Fischer
1995 Tim Ballard
1996 Paul Temple
1997 George Grisdale
1998 John Ryan
1999 Stan Noland
2000 Mark Pinchoff
2001 James Lepping
2005 Gerhard Schubert
2006 Jeff Stassen
2007 Bert & June Kaspers
2008 Mike Graff
2009 Gary Bodenmiller
2010 Kelley Hice
2011 Michael C. Ware
2012 Helen Peters
2013 Barbara Wasneski
2014 Mel Kropko
2015 Gail Lewis
2016 Ben Tasich
2017 Craig Capelli
2018 Timothy Ross